Rental Procedure

Boat Rental Procedure

1. Request for availability

Please fill in the application with your full details (you need to be older than 18 years for boat rental), exact dates, place of pickup and drop off, choice of boat, number of passengers, and any other requests you may have.
In order to complete your boat reservation, 50% deposit of the total amount of the fare is due upon booking. The remaining 50% is paid upon pick up of the boat.
For bookings cancelled 25 days before, the 60% of the deposit is refunded.
For bookings cancelled 15 days before, the 30% of the deposit is refunded.
For bookings cancelled 5 days before, the deposit is not refundable.
For any clarification or further information please contact us
All payments can be made in cash, credit/debit card, PayPal or bank deposit. In order to complete the Private Boat Rental Agreement, please send us the following absolutely necessary documents:

Two-sided copy of your ID card.
Copy of your Permit to Operate High Speed Craft.
Details for issuing the payment receipt.
Payment Documentation.

2. Warranty

As renters you have the obligation for the boat rental procedure to deposit in advance the amount of € …, (in cash) as a guarantee for any damages, which is refunded upon expiry of the lease and after the final check on the return of the boat.

3. Weather conditions

The rental and departure of the boat shall normally take place when the wind force does not exceed the permissible limits at the pick up point and it is permitted by the port authorities. In the event of adverse weather conditions, which prohibit your departure on the day the rental starts, your deposit is refunded and the rental is cancelled for another day if you wish.

4. Departure

One day before departure, we must be informed of the desired time of boat departure, according to your schedule.

Upon arrival at the boat’s predetermined pickup point, you will be required to sign all the necessary documents for the boat rental and arrange any pending financial issues.

We remind you that during a rental, depending on the type of boat, you will need to carry on board the permit to operate high speed craft for it to be shown to the Port Authorities if requested.

On pick up, a detailed demonstration of the boat and its equipment is given, and a declaration of acceptance of the boat and a list of its equipment is to be signed. Also, detailed information on safety procedures is provided along with information on the use of the boat and the documents / licenses that are given to you. The boat is delivered by us, with full fuel tank, to facilitate the process.

It is worth noting that the above mentioned actions can be taken at our headquarters any previous day at the renter’s request, in order to accelerate the departure on the departure day.

5. Return

The return to the drop off point of the boat shall be at the predetermined time. On return, the condition of the boat and its equipment shall be checked. The refuelling of the boat is done by us. The cost of fuel is borne solely by the renter.